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Woodturning Technique 's chapters are:

1. Gluing, 29 pages. Special joints, split turnings, structural and decorative gluing.

2. Tool Grinding, 39 pages. Grinding tools to your desired grinding angle irrespective of how worn your grinding wheel is and the grinding jig you use.

3. Spindle Turning, 2 pages. Burning rings, cluster legs.

4. Cupchuck Turning, 15 pages. New hollowing tools, the flute-down hollowing technique, turning nests of cups.

5. Faceplate Turning, 27 pages. Rings, frames, and paterae.

6. Bowl Turning, 15 pages. Slicing blanks, water blasting to remove bark, turning nests of bowls, reverse chucking.

7. Threading, 58 pages. History, threading not using a lathe; threading in the lathe with chasers, rotating cutters, and jigs.

8.Where Next? 1 page.

Index, 4 pages

Fig 7.29   Thread nomenclature
Figs 1.18 and 1.20   Feather joints and cutting them
Feather joint

Excerpts from Reviews

The good looks of this book with its copius quality colour images and diagrams will make digesting its facts and figures a pleasure . . . If you love turning, you'll love this book which glories in the depths of its subject. Australian Wood Review

A well researched and well written book worth having in your library. I highly recommend it. Fred Holder (editor), More Woodturning, November 2001.

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