Mike Darlow specialises in teaching the basics. Only about 10% of those who own woodturning lathes are competent woodturners. This is a tragedy because with good tuition and disciplined practice competence is readily achieved after a total of only 30 to 40 hours. Only when you have thus cleared the technique hurdle and are confident that what you design you can turn, will you truly progress and enjoy your turning.

Wood has been turned for about 3000 years. Surprisingly, few have the knowledge, the turning competence, or the enthusiasm to be able to teach the basics well. Therefore many turners become prematurely distracted by "advanced techniques" such as colouring, carving, and complicated conglutination. These techniques are not a substitute for turning competence, and are better learned after you achieve it.

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Mike takes a question from the floor (photo Desmond Kennard)

Mike is one of the world's most experienced and knowledgeable turners as his publications and magazine articles confirm, and is ready and able to explain and argue for the views on turning which he holds. He cares about standards and rigor, and decries the sloppy thinking of the "it works for me" approach. He also has a great sense of humour.

Mike is thus a stimulating demonstrator, and an outstanding teacher. Delegates at the American Association of Woodturners 2006 symposium confirmed this by giving him full marks in every category on their demonstrator appraisal forms.

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