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This the fifth and most recent book in Mike's colour woodturning series. It has 168 pages, size 216 x 280 mm (8.5" x 11"), 40 diagrams, and 280 photographs and engravings. It details:

Book cover
Caxton set
Fig 1.16   One of the many sets turned specially for the book by Mike. The piece designs are based on woodcuts in William Caxton's 1480 The Game and Playe of the Chesse.
Fig 4.22   Analysing a chess set's design.
Russian set

Turned Chessmen's chapters are:

1. A History of Chessmen, 56 pages. Details the history of chess and chessmen from the invention of chess in India in about A.D. 550 to the present.

2. Gallery, 12 pages. Shows sets by six of today's makers.

3. Piece Symbols, 16 pages. Discusses the origins, history, and designs of the symbols, such as the rook's castle tower, used to signify the six chess pieces.

4. Designing Chess Sets, 30 pages. After analysing the designs of some extant sets, this chapter discusses how the design of each man in a set can clearly communicate that it belongs to that set, belongs to the black or white side, and is a particular piece.

5. Drawings for Chess Sets, 10 pages. Provides fully detailed drawings for ten sets which turners can copy or modify for making their own sets.

6. Making Chess Sets, 36 pages. Details all the techniques used to make chess sets, and explains the processes through sequences of photographs and diagrams.

7. Where next? Introduces a companion book.

Bibliographies, 2 pages.

Index, 5 pages.

Fig 6.2   An easily-made supplementary indexing plate.
Fig 6.7   Bandsawing knights' heads.
Watch stands
Figure 5.11 One of the eleven detailed drawings of chess sets for turners to turn.
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