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Published between 1985 and 2004, these books remain unassailed for their range, depth, attention to detail, and quality of diagrams and photographs.

The five titles in the full-colour series are copiously illustrated with specially-drawn diagrams, historical engravings, and photographs. All books have the same page size (215 x 280 mm (8.5" x 11")), are printed on high-quality acid-free paper, and are are section-sewn for a long life.

Cover POW
Mike's first book, published in 1985. In black-and-white, it's been out of print since its full-colour replacement, The Fundamentals of Woodturning, was published in 1997.
Cover BD
Cover WM
Cover WD
Cover TC
Special methods (or techniques), 198 pages.
The essential text for beginners and anyone seeking to rebuild their technique, in English or German, 198 pages.
The history, design, and making of turned chessmen, 168 pages.
Cover FOW
Fully describes how to design, not merely a book of designs, 271 pages.
More special techniques, particularly tool sharpening and threading, 198 pages.
Cover WT
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