The Fundamentals of Woodturning is first book in Mike Darlow's colour woodturning series.

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Fig 7.19   Rolling the front of a knob. The left-hand photographs, like most in the book are taken from the turner'sviewpoint.

The chapters of The Fundamentals of Woodturning are:

1. Is Woodturning For Me? 9 pages

2. How to Start, 3 pages

3. Lathes and Associated Equipment, 9 pages

4. Cutting and Tools, 34 pages

5. Design, Wood, and Workshop Practices, 8 pages

6. Spindle Turning, 54 pages

7. Cupchuck Turning, 21 pages

8. Faceplate Turning, 16 pages

9. Bowl Turning, 16 pages

10. Hollow turning, 10 pages

11. Where Next? 1 page

Appendix, 1 page

Index, 3 pages

Fig 4.27   The recommended grinding and honing procedure.

Excerpts from some of the reviews

Mike addresses this book to novice turners, but many of us intermediate and advanced turners could really use the sort of tune-up that this volume provides . . . It's readily apparent to this reader, as it will be to you, that this is the single most important turning book of the 1990s. Hugh Foster, More Woodturning (USA), April 1999

A treasure trove that is essential to anyone who wants to master woodturning . . . There is only one Mike Darlow who understands the science of woodturning and makes it understandable to a regular guy like me . . . The photography is probably the best that i have seen in any instructional book . . . You will absolutely have to buy this book. It is that good!!! Ron Hampton, More Woodturning, June 2000

I agree with Ron, this is a book you have to buy, because it is that good. Fred Holder (editor), More Woodturning, June 2000

Fig 4.27   The recommended grinding and honing procedure.
The front cover showing Mike and Dale Hageman, foreman of Mike Darlow Woodturning.
Watch stands
Fig 4.7   Peeling.
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